Emmanuel Turlay

I have ideas and I make them happen.

In 2010, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at CERN for Nikhef, Amsterdam, NL.

I continued working on the search for supersymmetry on the ATLAS experiment on the LHC at CERN.

In 2011, I joined Official.fm, a music start-up, as a Ruby-on-Rails developer and QA engineer.

I was in charge of the overall quality of the application both in terms of user experience and in terms of development best practices and database optimizations. I developed core features of the service.

In 2012, I became product manager and took part in the conception of Official.fm's brand new music promotion dashboard.

I conceived features, write detailed specs and draw sketches and wireframe and closely followed the development process in an agile and SCRUM-friendly team.

In October 2012 I created releas.io, a web service for record labels to easily generate and print download cards to insert in their physical releases.

Download my full PDF résumé
I have been writing code for 10 years.

I started out with Pascal at university then quickly moved on to C programming. I then learned Fortran and C++ to develop physics calculations and simulations. Finally, I moved on to Python, Ruby and Javascript to write web applications.

I developed simulation and analysis code for LHC experiments which I ran on the LCG worlwide grid.

I contributed to the development of highly-complex and modular Python-driven C++ code. I also took part in the development of a multi-variate adjustment software for physics parameter determination.

PyH, a python module to generate HTML pages.

I wrote my first UI in C++ using Qt. Before I knew anything about frameworks like Django or Ruby on Rails, I wanted to create a simple Python web app that would render HTML without templates. The UI would be written in python itself, like people do on desktop.

Using PyH, I created PiSharp, a booking system for the CERN music club.

I was tired of their PHP app, pre-dating the internet itself. So I wrote a Python/Javascript app to let club members book CERN music club's two practice rooms. This work was a proof of work and does not follow any good design patern.

I developed and curated a couple of amateur music review blogs.

Did I mention I was a music fan? Over the years I created and curated two music blogs. Review Plaza in 2002, a CMS written from scratch in PHP. Black Northern Beat in 2009 built on top of Wordpress. None of them is online anymore.

I developed the prototype behind Official.fm's Promo Pages and other cool tools.

In addition to contributing to the main app's features, I worked on a number of personal projects. One of the core features of Official.fm's product are full-screen, fully customizable promo pages for tracks and playlists. They stem from a prototype I wrote using Ruby on Rails. Also I wrote experimental tools such as Suite Up!, a web app to manage manual test suites across multiple browsers and Officiel, a primitive Google Docs-like.

I am currently working on releas.io, a download card generator for physical music releases.
I play guitar, bass, drums, I sing and I write songs.
I contribute to various bands including Neutralino One (my solo project), The League (Paris), DATA?FAIL! (Geneva), Johnny the Rat and more...

Thanks to these various bands, I have acquired stage and studio experience, as a band as well as as a solo artist.

I like to record songs.

Whenever I write a song I immediately record a fully produced demo in my home studio using Logic Audio. Listen here.

I'm a fan of British and American indie rock. My tastes vary from acoustic folk to blues and jazz to punk or even a little bit of metal.

I like to see my music tastes as a timeline, starting in the mid-50's with e.g. Elvis and Buddy Holy, into the swinging 60's with e.g. The Beatles, The Kinks or The Doors, the 70's with e.g. Led Zeppelin, The Who, Sex Pistols, The Clash, then forward to the 90's with e.g. Oasis, Blur, Supergrass, Suede, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Divine Comedy, the noughties with Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes, Kasabian, The Strokes, BRMC and finally the 10's with The Vaccines, Miles Kane, Bombay Bicycle Club along with a string of small indie artists.

I collect vinyls.
I like British and American culture, history, politics, TV...